How one Atlanta creative shop is trying to win over vaccine skeptics
Fitzco is leaning into right-wing imagery in the Delta Variant Force campaign.

Atlanta: When people see a graphic featuring a skull-and-crossbones-like illustration sitting atop the words “delta” and “force,” they might associate it with guns or the military before a COVID-19 variant and vaccines.

That was the thinking behind a campaign aimed at encouraging right-wing, gun-owning individuals to get vaccinated.

Fitzco, an Atlanta-based independent creative and media agency, developed the Delta Variant Force pro-COVID vaccination brand because Republican and Republican-leaning independents make up two-thirds of the people who say they would “definitely not” get vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey published in June.

“There was so much political divisiveness surrounding COVID, it kind of felt like America had lost sight that we were fighting the same enemy,” said Ryan Boblett, Fitzco SVP and head of creative. “When we all get behind and fight something, we usually come out on top.”

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