Ana Steiger is a true Georgia native, born and raised. After graduating from Georgia State University, she decided to enter the advertising world as a project manager. Her knack for tricky problem solving and love for surrounding herself with creative companions are what make this role her sweet spot. She has experience managing a variety of projects ranging from traditional media to immersive virtual reality experiences. She’s passionate about helping execute her client’s vision and is not scared of challenges that arise along the way. Ana is a firm believer in nurturing the mind, heart and spirit and using those connections to accomplish all of life’s goals both big and small.

Outside of the office you can find Ana using any excuse to soak up some sunshine whether that be blading down the Beltline or simply enjoying time with friends, glass of wine in hand. She is also very passionate about traveling and experiencing new cultures and different ways of living. Another notable endeavor: Ana has recently picked up the art of Tarot card reading, so feel free to reach out if you’d like to be a guinea pig.