Muse by Clio: Evan Miguel’s take on 10 albums where the music lives up to the cover art.

January 21, 2021


10 Albums Where the Music Lives Up to the Cover Art
Evan Miguel on FKA twigs, Björk, Kanye and more

By Evan Miguel of Fitzco

Personally, I have two sides to my creative output. There’s the songwriter side of me that strives to be an avid and active music listener. Then there’s the ad-nerd side of me that views music as a product, and album artwork as an ad for it. People see the cover first, so it needs to catch the eye, intrigue, and provoke a response. But sometimes, even though the cover sizzles, there’s no steak. Well, dear reader, this list is just the opposite. Here are 10 great albums with music that meets or exceeds the expectations set by the stellar cover art.

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