Bring a Higher Order of Pizza to hungry online orderers

When Mellow Mushroom launched their new online ordering system, they asked us to help take their order numbers to the next level. But it wasn’t just about quantity. Mellow has always been about quality. Since 1974, they’ve served a Higher Order of Pizza™: hand-tossed pies made with fresh ingredients, served up with good vibes in art-filled restaurants.

Art has been in their DNA since the beginning, when Mellow’s founders traded pizza and beer with their mural-painting pals. Knowing that foundation of the Higher Order, we decided to take online orders higher with art.

For fall/winter 2020, we delivered art with every online order—and a chance to win the Art of Mellow Sweepstakes. We commissioned artists worldwide, from Mellow’s native Atlanta to Australia, to interpret the colorful, kaleidoscopic world of Mellow. Their work became t-shirts, posters, and even one-of-a-kind sculptures for our prize pool. The result expanded the Mellow-verse by giving every guest a piece of the Art of Mellow experience to take home.

art of Mellow