make diversity matter

Ideas and solutions to problems get stronger and more effective when there is a variety of perspectives giving input on the work. Not only is building a diverse team the right thing to do, it helps the bottom line, for both agencies and their clients. That’s why Fitzco is dedicated to improving and investing in a robust range of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

We don’t pretend to be perfect. Instead, we acknowledge the areas in which we are lacking and put our collective minds to work finding innovative solutions. Progress in the DEI space isn’t a finish line to cross, it’s a continuous journey. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


50% of our agency, including leadership, will be people of color by 2026. This aggressive commitment to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive agency is driven by both moral obligation and business smarts. And the only way to succeed is through stake-in-the-ground commitment and transparency. In that spirit, we will update our progress here periodically.


Fitzco is a founding member of Advertising For Change, a coalition of Atlanta advertising and marketing agencies started in 2017 that is committed to Diversity & Inclusion as a means for better business for our agencies, our clients and the city of Atlanta. AFC attracts, mentors and retains talent from all over the world, not only to cement Atlanta as the city for diverse advertising and marketing professionals, but to also set a new standard that crosses industry lines.


Fitzco is a proud partner of Cristo Rey Atlanta’s Corporate Work Study Program, providing high school students valuable work experience in an industry often overlooked by young people of limited economic means. Students gain valuable real-world job skills, contacts and experience through their work study jobs, and go on to college in record numbers, in large part because of their early exposure to the working world.


As part of our Commitment to Community, Fitzco has proudly adopted Nicholas House as its 2021 501(c)3 partner. Fitzco will work in partnership with Nicholas House throughout the year on a variety of strategy and creative initiatives in support of their 3 goals that form the basis of self-sufficiency: 1) earning a living wage; 2) maintaining the physical, mental and social health of parents and children; and 3) maintaining safe and stable housing.


my black experience

In the aftermath of the senseless death of George Floyd and the protests that followed, Fitzco initiated a 10-part town hall series – My Black Experience – featuring powerful and poignant stories, advice, reflections and inspiration from clients, colleagues and community leaders.



Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday. And instead of spending it as typical day off, we like to dedicate it as a day in service of civil rights. This year we partnered with Beloved Streets of America and created a social campaign to raise money and awareness for the revitalization and conservation of streets bearing the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


fitzco pride

Pride matters. At Fitzco we support Georgia Equality and the LGBTQA communities. We’re allies in the workplace, and outside our 944 Brady walls. Inclusion means celebrating everyone. Whether it’s marching in the Atlanta Pride Parade or selling loud buttons and pins to raise money for local equality efforts, we aim to celebrate together with pride.

diversity commitments