Atlanta-based Fitzco is helping clients navigate the potentially-tumultuous landscape before, during, and after November 3 with the “Election War Room.” In addition to agency team members, this collective of intelligence includes Emory University’s political science professor Holli Semetko and tech support provided by Netbase all lending their expertise to help brands react in real-time.

Under the program, clients are receiving customized strategy plans including advice owned and earned channels in addition to internal employee communication.

Recommendations fall into three parameters: Be kind. Be helpful. Be quiet. And they range from “pause your social media,” to “Hey, there’s a long line of people standing for hours waiting to vote. How about sending some free food over to them?”

Clients will have 24-hour access to the live dashboards and the social team will be on-call to answer any client-specific questions. Fitzco will also flag account leads about anything noteworthy in relationship to client partners, their business, their competitive set, or their internal employees.

On Election Day Fitzco’s social strategists/analysts and media planners will be monitoring real-time digital conversation related to the election. The war room may be extended as necessary pending the outcome of the election and the public’s response.

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