Kristin Andrews on Fitzco’s recruitment and talent retention programs.
By Kristin Andrews, Director of People and Culture, Fitzco

Atlanta agency Fitzco stated that flexibility, culture, diversity and compensation are top priorities for candidates. To address flexibility, Kristin Andrews, director of people and culture at the agency said that remote work is still the norm there, but that the Atlanta office is open to those who want to come in, and the agency plans to adopt a hybrid model with two days in office when they do return.

“We also offer strong benefits like unlimited paid time off, wellness programs, employee assistance programs and recognition programs that reward innovative ideas and strong performance,” Andrews told Adweek.

Fitzco also looks to hire a diverse workforce, and that may mean the agency has to slow down and ensure it is casting a broad net when sourcing for candidates through a diversity of platforms and schools. Its on-boarding process is structured to gradually introduce each new hire to the agency, their team and their role in a way that sets them up for success. “As an employee grows into their role, we have taken initiative to invest in learning and development courses as well as individualized development,” said Andrews.

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