real time response

Successfully deploying real-time response strategies means collecting, assessing, and acting on real-time customer data or events. From live-tracking inventory supply and demand to adjusting the media mix intra-day based on changing consumer behavior, we ensure our clients are always poised to take advantage of favorable conditions whenever they arise – and proactively plan for them when possible.


Footwear and apparel categories plunged at COVID onset, down over 37% almost instantly in March.

All 384 Shoe Carnival stores closed on March 18th, 2020 – which comprised a significant portion of revenue.


  • Re-built the plan from the bottom-up, focusing on places where shopping was most prevalent
  • Pivoted creative and media strategy toward more shoppable moments
  • Doubled-down on purchase intent signals in Google and Facebook


In Q2 2020, net sales were an all-time quarterly record of



E-commerce sales increased 332% and e-commerce share of sales more than doubled YoY.


Momentum carried into Q3 2020 where e-commerce sales increased over 150% compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2019.