media planning

Leveraging audience-first media planning means our clients’ audiences are no longer just a result of our campaign efforts – they are active contributors. They are the defining element in the media plan. We don’t wait until the end to determine who engages with us – we bring data and insights about the target into the initial planning stage. Focusing on whom we’re creating content for, where they consume it, the formats that resonate with them, and the customized messages that are most likely spark engagement.


In a typical year, Sausage is the #7 ranked protein and is quick to fall off consumer grocery lists. But we had a big opportunity to grab share as the pandemic sent the packaged-meat category soaring.

But fear was the driver so how do we not only capture share but also keep them coming back?


  • We conducted COVID-19 research, studying audience behavior and analyzing product-based purchase behaviors to understand the psychology behind purchase decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We leveraged this research and in-flight, real-time sales data from IRI to create a retargeting campaign that utilized sequential messaging to re-engage with first-time Johnsonville consumers.


The sales attributed to this campaign drove an 24% higher ROAS than the average across paid media in 2020.


In-flight optimizations increased “Breakfast Fans” audience trips per household by 35%