real time response

Successfully deploying real-time response strategies means collecting, assessing, and acting on real-time customer data or events. From live-tracking inventory supply and demand to adjusting the media mix intra-day based on changing consumer behavior, we ensure our clients are always poised to take advantage of favorable conditions whenever they arise – and proactively plan for them when possible.


Small businesses are usually unprepared when it comes to data infrastructure and they often don’t think about backing up their data until a crisis occurs.

We needed to help businesses get ahead of what can be a devastating loss.


  • We employed IBM weather data specifically around hurricanes to analyze historical weather patterns and forecast markets most impacted.
  • We combined this data with triggers for businesses in-market for disaster recovery to identify prospects for INAP and reach them using targeted creative messaging.


Engagement Rate across all channels increased over 25% for hurricane-related messaging vs. competing creative


Lead Conversion Rate increased by 18% in those markets