managing local nuance
at scale

Managing local nuance at scale involves finding solutions that care for the particularities of an individual store, center or location within a national media strategy. We leverage market analysis techniques that can be used at scale in order to understand geo-specific consumer patterns across national brands.


Eyecare Partners has over 500 ophthalmology and optometry centers under their umbrella across 18 states.

Every market is different – in terms of its size, brand presence, maturity, and competitive set. We needed to find ways to lean into the uniqueness of each market, but across the entire footprint.


  • We not only accounted for market-level nuance, but we also went further to understand and activate on a 1:1 device level.
  • We ingested the device-level location behavior data to further define our highest propensity prospects – people who had commuting patterns near one of our centers but were currently going to a competitor.


Through device intelligence, we can estimate incremental foot traffic – visits that would not have happened without paid media.

The cost to acquire a new customer through digital device intelligence was 20% lower than our previously-best-performing campaign.