making the healthier switch to mustard

With 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugar, and a whole lotta tang; French’s Classic Yellow Mustard is a healthier condiment choice, but despite being healthier, only 20% of consumers describe it that way.

We were tasked with getting sandwich eaters to rethink their fattier sandwich spreads while educating on the benefits of Classic Yellow Mustard.

So, we worked with Chef Tom Colicchio to make the first ever sandwich that encouraged a healthier eating behavior. And our sandwich actually got people to switch from mayo to mustard. How? By selling the sandwich for a jar of mayo. No cash, no card. Just jars of mayonnaise or a pledge to make the switch to French’s Mustard.

We called our recipe the #MustSwitch, and proved you can eat healthier, without compromising the flavor.

Our goal was to educate people on the healthier benefits of Classic Yellow Mustard. And we did. We earned over 312 million media impressions, and over 48 million potential social impressions. We also sold 675,000 more French’s bottles during the campaign timeframe. In fact, sales were up 15.8% over the same time frame vs. 2019.

We call that French’s for the win.

Featured in People, Travel & Leisure, Mashed, Good Morning America, Foodsided, US Weekly, Media Post, Marketing Dive, InsideHook, and many, many more.

case study
case study