baking mustard into America’s favorite sandwich

For Mustard Day 2021, French’s wanted to get on more sandwiches.

So instead of asking Americans to put mustard on their sandwich, we decided to bake French’s Classic Yellow Mustard right into the bun of America’s favorite summertime sandwich – the hot dog.

Though hotly debated, a hot dog is indeed a sandwich according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s sandwich definition. And we knew that a bright yellow bun would be the perfect reminder to add French’s to consumers’ next sandwich.

Introducing: French’s Mustard Buns. We partnered with Piantedosi bakery to craft the perfect mustard bread recipe. Then we mailed press a pre-taste of our bright yellow buns, and invited them to find our French’s branded hot dog carts at the most iconic hot dog spots in America for Mustard Day on August 7, 2021.

We planted carts in front of the MET in NYC, on the streets of Chicago outside The Lodge Tavern, on the Santa Monica pier, and near the entrance of Fenway Park in Boston. Baseball fans could also try a French’s Mustard Bun inside Camden Yards of The Baltimore Orioles, and at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

We also tapped into the home baking trend and gave home-bakers 4 more French’s Mustard Bread recipes: Mustard Beer Bread, Mustard French Toast, Mustard Grilled Cheese, and Mustard Challah Buns.

The word spread, and we “sold out” at all of our carts, and earned over 819 million impressions.

Suns out, mustard buns out.

Featured in USA Today, Hypebeast, Mashed, Food & Wine, Foodsided, Thrillist, Food Network, Mental Floss, People, NBC, Bake Magazine, Food Business News, Trendhunter, Fox News, and many, many more.

case study
case study