own summer grilling season in a whole new way

Mustard and grilling go hand in hand. Your favorite meats just aren’t the same without that yellow squiggle on them. But over the years, the condiment aisle has become crowded. There are so many options that the French’s brand was getting lost. How do you stand out and encourage trial in a jam-packed category? You leave the category altogether, and create something perfect for a hot summer day.

Enter Mustard Beer. For National Mustard Day, we teamed up with Oskar Blues to create the drink of the season. The brew was made with French’s Classic Yellow Mustard and tasty fruit purees, for a delicious result that had people lined up out the door at breweries.

For the homebrewers out there, we got them in on the action with an official homebrew recipe. The beer was even available nationwide on Craftshack.com, so you could get it shipped straight to your door.

The result? Mustard Beer totally sold out online in 20 minutes flat, while getting 2 billion impressions, 23 million social impressions and coverage in over 900 media outlets.

We’ll cheers to that.

Featured in Thrillist, Paste Magazine, Adweek, The Takeout, Delish, Popsugar, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and many, many more.

Mustard beer posters
French's Mustard beer with a pretzel
Mustard beer, mustard and pigs in a blanket
Mustard beer coasters
Mustard beer graphic
Mustard beer coozies
Mustard beer coasters
Mustard beer posters
Mustard beer recipe cards
Mustard beer sticker and bag
Mustard beer
Two people with French's Mustard beer
Two people toasting a French's Mustard beer
French's Mustard beer

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