launch an authentic Mexican hot sauce

We were tasked with bringing Cholula, an authentic Mexican hot sauce, to the masses. So, we started with La Chila, the beloved female character on every bottle. In a category dominated by masculine names and faces like Texas Pete, Frank’s, or Tapitío; Cholula’s La Chila had the opportunity to stand out as the girl on the boy’s club hot sauce shelf.

We leaned into Cholula’s matriarch and the femanine characteristics she possessed like being welcoming, inclusive, and focusing on authentic flavor vs. explosive heat or a macho need to one-up each other on the Scoville scale.

We made hot sauce all about adding a drop of heat, and a motherload of flavor. Not about lighting mouths on fire.
We welcomed new hot sauce users into the fold by destigmatizing the category.
We honored our authentic Mexican heritage and filmed our work in Mexico with a Mexican female director.
And most importantly, we proved that Cholula makes your thing the best thing. Because Cholula is the Mother of Sauce.