changing national fryday to friday

All QSR brands have a signature menu item. But when your signature dish is something that everyone serves, you can’t miss a chance to dominate the conversation.

Known for their Famous Seasoned Fries, Checkers and Rally’s holds all things French fry close to their hearts. Upon discovering that National French Fry Day didn’t always fall on a Friday, we knew something had to be done—and Checkers and Rally’s had a golden opportunity to lead the crusade.

We identified the one person who held the power to make this happen: Marlo Anderson, a quirky fellow from the small town of Mandan, North Dakota, with an unrivaled passion for holidays. With his popular website National Day Calendar dictating celebratory dates for news outlets and everyday people across the country, only he had the ability to officially change the date of National French Fry Day. But how to get his attention?

We launched a full-scale guerrilla marketing campaign targeting Marlo with billboards, Cameos, and a bespoke website featuring a petition that gained over 51,000 signatures, A legion of Fry Fans showed their support both digitally and in real life to help move National Fryday to its rightful position. In the end, we accomplished our ultimate goal with flying golden colors; not only did Marlo Anderson publicly change the date, but our efforts secured over 701.6 million impressions, 22.9 million of those on social. Engagements for Checkers and Rally’s were up 468.5% from the month prior to the campaign, in addition to a 1,668% increase of mentions on social media.

We crowned Marlo the Fry King and successfully crowned Checkers and Rally’s the champions of National French Fry Day across the nation.

case study
case study