Data-driven creative involves optimizing creative based on consumer signals or demographic data. By employing a data-driven creative strategy, we can cut through the clutter, optimize creative development resources, and minimize wasted production dollars. Personalized, signal-based data-driven creative allows us to deliver hyper-relevant messages tailored to the right consumers at the right time.


MedExpress had several creative concepts for the summer campaign. Everyone had a different favorite, and they all fit the brief.

We needed data to lead this decision forward, break the ties, and save us from over-producing against concepts that weren’t going to resonate in market.


  • With many factors at play, we developed a creative concept “bracket” to determine top-performing creative iteration, format, platform, and audience.
  • Cut creative-learning window in half through short-flight split-testing – allowing the top-performing messages and ad formats to finish out the “Save Summer”


CTR increased by 35%


CPM reduced by 16%


CPA reduced by 97%