ACanadian Born Southerner with a New York attitude, Erica was born in Canada, raised in Florida and cut her teeth in New York. She believes that to solve any problem it starts with making the consumer matter.

Throughout her career she has created a communications strategy discipline for multiple agencies and brands, acting as the bridge between media and creative; ensuring there is no silo and there is always fluid conservation. Erica has covered a gamut of clients both big and small, CPG to retail and specializes in taking a holistic approach to advertising. She is always on the hunt to problem solve by strengthening brand perceptions through communication architectures that highlight key consumer insights, trends, and innovation.

When she isn’t knee deep in consumer reports and data she is out making, creating, or doing. Between sewing, rock climbing, painting, cooking, and crosswords (and there are so many more), Erica is a collector of hobbies. If you any [more] recommendations, send them her way!

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