Erin is Georgia-grown conceptual creative who loves turning contagious and provocative ideas into a reality. She can see the big picture, but also appreciate the details. As a designer, thinker, problem solver, and maker, she loves every step of the creative process. But it’s that initial spark of a good idea, that aha moment when you know you’ve struck something good, that keeps her buzzing.

Throughout her career, clients that have kept Erin buzzing include Checkers & Rally’s, French’s, Coca-Cola, Monday Night Brewing, Fulton County, Pennzoil, Jiffy Lube, Build-A-Bear, Navy Federal Credit Union, Synovus, Pergo Flooring, and MedExpress.

When she’s not busy solving problems and making ads, you’ll find her outside or in the kitchen. She loves running, hiking, biking, cooking, and eating.

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